Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Into the Wild Wiebe

Similar to the Jud Wiebe trail, the Owl Gulch trail is more famously known to locals as the Wild Wiebe.  Hiking east to west, the trail begins farther east and hooks back up with Jud Wiebe.  Beginning on Tomboy Road, which leads to Imogene Pass, the trailhead is about 1.4 miles up the road, starting in the first switchback that heads west.  It is not marked with a sign, but it is an obvious trail as you can see above.

The trail conditions are good, but shown above, much of the trail is a little wilder and less traveled.  I hesitate to even share this hike as it is a little lesser known and most days one can hike it without seeing another person.  The trail is about 3 miles long, which is not counting the time hiking up Tomboy Road or exiting the hike on Jud Wiebe.  According to Jay's GPS, we reached an elevation of 10,114 feet.  Tomboy Road starts at the top of Oak Street at about 8,800 feet.

There is an awesome view into Bear Creek from this hike, and from there you can easily see lift 15 and Revelation Bowl.

Looking over to Bridal Veil Falls.

Bears obviously frequent this trail, too!

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