Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Springs Resort and Spa

At the end of a camping trip, our favorite place to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury is The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs.  Savanna says this is her favorite place on earth.  The silly girl is still wearing her bracelet pass from our trip there last September!  Now she has two on her wrist since we spent the night there Thursday and enjoyed the pools for two days.

I spotted Savanna and Maralee over in the Sunset Social Club when I was up at the top in the 18 and over pool area.

A lot of people were enjoying tubing the much cooler San Juan River.

Wolf Creek Pass Overlook

Even though the West Fork fire earlier this summer burned so much, I'm thankful this view hasn't really changed.

Slumgullion Pass

We left Lake City and headed for Creede on Thursday, driving over Slumgullion Pass.  There is an overlook with a great view of Lake San Cristobal.

Jay isn't shorter than me, he was just standing a little lower than I was.

The Windy Point Overlook has a nice view of Wetterhorn, Matterhorn and Uncompahgre Peaks.

I didn't get a great picture of the Slumgullion Earthflow slide, but you can see some of it through the trees here.  The slide is still active and can change up to 20 feet a year.  This slide of decomposed volcanic rock began 700 years ago and helped dam and form Lake San Cristobal.

Lake San Cristobal

We spent some time during the rain at Lake San Cristobal near Lake City.  It rained on us every day that we camped, but that is better than droughts and wildfires.  Jay caught a couple of rainbow trout.

Deer Lakes

Deer Lakes is off of highway 149 near the summit of Slumgullion Pass near Lake City.  I think they should consider changing the name to Moose Lakes since it is the place moose are often spotted in the area.  We saw a mama moose and her two babies near the upper lake.

These three small lakes are a great place to see wildlife and do some fishing.

Savanna was trying to catch a fish in the middle lake when she saw this ermine (also known as a short-tailed weasel or stoat) jump in the water and catch a pretty big fish.  He stashed it in the rocks and came running closer to us to check us out.  I'm sad my photos of him were blurry, but I was a little nervous that he was going to come over and run up my leg or something.

Engineer Pass

It's been too long since we drove over Engineer Pass!  Last week we drove over the pass beginning in Animas Forks and stopped near Lake City to camp.

Engineer Mountain is above, and below is a view from Oh Point.

A couple of Jeep commercials.

At the summit is one of my favorite views of Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre Peaks.

Maralee wouldn't get out of the car for a summit photo, silly girl.

A deer sat quietly by the road on the other side, just one of many that we saw in Lake City.