Saturday, March 22, 2014

Welcoming Gus Kenworthy Home the Telluride Way

In Telluride we love any excuse to have a block party and play in the street, but this time it was a good excuse as we had a big party to welcome Gus Kenworthy home after winning Silver in the Winter Olympics for the first year of men's slopestyle! I think Gus learned how to ski at the age of 3, so before he could even read he was on the slopes of Telluride, and it definitely paid off.

The celebration began with a parade in Town Park, slowly making it's way to Main Street due to the crowd of people surrounding Gus.

Here you can see Gus being escorted by David Holbrooke.  They were both looking a little overwhelmed.  They slowly made their way to the steps of the courthouse.

I think the huge welcome home was a little more than Gus had expected.  Mayor Stu Fraser presented a new street sign, replacing San Juan Avenue in Telluride with Gus's Way.  Also, Telluride Ski Resort gave him a lifetime membership to Telluride Ski and Golf.
Even Olympic medal winners like to take selfies!  He posted a picture similar to this on his Instagram account.

During his speech, Gus was holding the puppy Mishka, but you can only see her back here.

The pups Gus rescued from Sochi were at the party, Mom and Jake seen here with Robin MacDonald, who actually stayed in Sochi for a month working on bring them home.

Maralee and Erika waited a very long time to get Gus's autograph.  I think he ended up signing autographs for 3 hours.  Telluride is proud of him!