Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break

Our original plan was to go to Oklahoma to visit our relatives for spring break, but when we found out Garrett's return from Japan was sooner than expected, we changed our minds and went to California instead.  Garrett was stationed in Okinawa for 6 months and we were anxious to see him.

We spent a day at the The Living Desert in Palm Desert.  Leave it to me to find a zoo even in the middle of the Mohave Desert!

We also revisited Joshua Tree National Park for a picnic and rock climbing one afternoon.  Okay, I admit I didn't do any rock climbing, but I was happy to find the cacti blooming.

On the way home I made sure we had time to visit Monument Valley.  We have passed through Kayenta so many times without driving north to see the mittens.  It is a fascinating place, and definitely not in Texas like the Lone Ranger portrays!

When we got back home, most of the snow in town had melted, and we started seeing a coyote everyday trying his best to catch one of the geese.

Of course, living in the mountains the snow can return at any moment, and this is what it looks like outside today.  I'm happy we were able to spend some time in the hot desert, and I know snowy days like this will bring a beautiful summer.