Monday, July 7, 2014

John Corbett and a Jewel Surprise

John Corbett performed at the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride on Saturday night.  He is better known as an actor, but he and his band were great!!  What a great voice!  The concert was promoted as country, but I would say his music (at least from his second album) is very southern rock. His long-time friend Tara Novick, on the guitar, also sang a few songs.  The rest of the band included David “the Hawk” Lopez on the drums and Louie Vincent Ruiz, bass. 
I was 18 when the show "Northern Exposure" began, so I've been a fan of his for forever.  Honestly, I would've gone to the show if it had been a John Corbett magic show or any other weird performance you can think of, so of course I think everyone should give him a chance as a musician/singer.  It's great that he has found his place in music and is able to do something that he loves.
Jewel was sitting right beside me, and I was thrilled when he had her come on the stage and sing a few songs.  I've always regretted not seeing her the last time she performed at the Opera House.
Afterward, John Corbett came down to the floor to meet everyone and for pictures and autographs.  He talked to Jay and I for a little while, and he is just as friendly in person as you would expect. We talked about his music and about the opera house scene where he was in the movie "Tombstone."  He asked Jay some questions about his job as a sergeant for the Marshal's Office and Jay said he almost mentioned that John could hear me sing the next morning (I have read several places that John Corbett is a Christian).  I think I would've been embarrassed, but maybe I should have mentioned it just to invite him to our wonderful church Alpine Chapel.  Singing at church is definitely not a "gig" though.  I don't even tell very many people that I sing there.  I do not consider myself a performer, but I love to sing in praise and worship in my church.  Sometimes I feel like sharing my personal life on my blog, and sometimes I don't, so there you go with a little personal info about me.  Anyway, it was a great night overall and I will definitely go again if he comes back for another show.

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